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Dave Loomis is available for speaking engagements in a variety of situations, including conferences, company meetings, family office meetings or private events. Dave will work with you to create the perfect presentation for your audience and purpose. His dynamic talks connect well with people by balancing the introduction of key principles with storytelling, compelling examples and a touch of humor. Example subjects include:

  • Control Your Story: Crafting Your Personal Brand

  • Marketing is Everything You Do: 5 Words To Change Your Company and Your Life

  • Stone Age Marketing: What We Need to Do Has Been Around Forever

  • Be The Beagle: Everything You need to Know About Marketing You Can Learn From Your Dog

  • Networking 101: Just Do It, You Never Know, and Pay It Forward

  • The 3 Questions of Strategy: putting the horse before the cart

  • The 7 P’s of Marketing: Why 4 Are Not Enough

  • Project Management: Success Through Building Bridges, Not Burning Them

For more information, please reach out to Dave at 440-725-1400 or dave@loomismarketing.com