Innovate, brand and transform

Practice Areas


situation assessment

  • Study current approaches

  • Compare to best practices

  • Recommend specific actions

  • Suggest appropriate resources

Program oversight

  • Full-time embedded resource

  • Manage departments

  • Recommend new org structures

  • Assist in recruiting

market segmentation

  • Study internal and external data

  • Create market segmentation options

  • Suggest targeting practices

  • Tie to VOC and branding

project management

  • Understand objectives

  • Develop work plans

  • Manage internal and external resources

  • Keep on time and budget

voc training

  • Help pick the optimal methodology

  • Train internal teams

  • Assist in field interviewing

  • Establish monitoring practices

brand strategy

  • Study historical position

  • Understand competitive position

  • Link to key segment personas

  • Tie to product strategy

process documentation

  • Create strategy outlines

  • Assemble innovation playbooks

  • Map out vital processes

  • Craft dashboards

voc success coaching

  • Assist with market segmentation

  • Oversee VOC teams

  • Maintain team momentum

  • Create executive dashboards

b2b product launch

  • Organize key product data

  • Coordinate timing with Stage-Gate

  • Automate process elements

  • Leverage digital marketing techniques

Personal Branding

  • Conduct personal assessment

  • Uncover aspirations

  • Articulate brand statement

  • Activate via communications